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Katie first came to Los Angeles at 17.  She appeared on hit prime-time television shows such as Monk, Friday Night Lights, Boomtown, Family Law, Miracles, and NYPD Blue.  She left LA in 2003 to continue her studies and claim a little life experience. Katie became an accomplished Marketing Manager at a San Fransisco based start-up called Tout which led to a job as the Visual Content Creator and Manager for Governor Mitt Romney during his 2012 Presidential Campaign.

Katie came back to the LA area in 2015 and has since booked a co-star on "Bosch" for Amazon and most recently appeared as a Guest Lead on Criminal Minds for CBS, episode entitled "Inner Beauty" where she plays Danielle Steinhardt, an ex prostitute/drug addict that is kidnapped by a man Joseph Berzon (Devon Gummersall). She is currently studying at Lesly Kahn & Co. in Hollywood and actively seeking more entertainment opportunities in film, television, commercial, voice, dance, and stage.